Please Re-elect Calvin Cowen

I decided to run for another term on the Duncan Town Council to continue to make sure that the Town of Duncan remains well managed and planning for the future. The status update link contains updates on many of the positive improvements that have been happening. Duncan is starting to build up a reserve fund and a major improvement to the 290/292 intersection near Town Hall is in the works. More good news is that all the towns departments have up to date equipment with plans in place to keep everything up to date. Now that the tax revenue from the incredible expansion of our industrial tax base is starting to come in, the best news is that citizens can expect to see their tax bills remain steady for some time.

Hopefully the citizens of Duncan doing their research by visiting this web site will factor in experience, proven work ethic, a flexible schedule that allows the “councilor on call” to be available when needed, the ability to work with others, and past accomplishments into their decision of who to vote for. If I didn’t believe that Duncan was in much better shape than back in the days when we owned a failing sewer system, had what was about the size of a three car garage filled with old equipment for a maintenance department, and wasn’t even bothering to compete with Greer and Spartanburg County for tax revenue by annexing industry that is going to be built anyway I wouldn’t have decided to run for another term.

Greer Citizen Headline

Proof that an elected official can be the eyes and ears of the citizens has made headline news. More information on the headline shown above can be found on the status update link under the “Town Homes Incident.”     

Yard sign