Many residents of Duncan have probably seen me jogging around Duncan since I have been jogging around Duncan ever since moving here 18 years ago. If you ever run into me around town, feel free to stop me with any questions or comments you may have. I can always use a rest.

You can call me on the cell phone (864-710-1020) as well. Being retired from a career in mechanical engineering means there is usually time to have a conversation. Since I have always been a handyman, a good portion of my weeks are spent working on projects around the house. Keeping the South Tyger River “open for floating” is another favorite past time. If you would like to help with that endeavor, please call.

Since I’m not planning on leaving Duncan, I do have a vested interest in leaving Duncan in better shape than when first elected. Technically that goal has already been accomplished, but there are still a few improvements that would be beneficial to see implemented over the next four years. One thing about me is that I do get things done.