Duncan doesn’t need to do this

Probably the  best argument for high density housing is that it does bring in more tax revenue than either vacant land or just a few residential houses. It would be nice for the Town of Duncan to have this extra revenue but the reality is that Duncan can get by without it. There is no need to build all this high density housing. Duncan will have enough tax revenue to run the town without putting up with all this high density housing. Duncan doesn’t need to do this.

The reason Duncan doesn’t need to do this is because of the incredible external expansion the town has been going through the last few years. The two main individuals involved with this expansion have done an incredible job. They managed to annex industry that Greer would have annexed if they didn’t. Some of this new tax revenue is already starting to come in. Though it will take longer to start building up a comfortable reserve fund or a paving fund without building all this high density housing along the Main Street corridor it will be possible to do it with the projected revenue that will be coming in.