Open for floating

The South Tyger is now “open for floating,” even better than first planned. The original plan was to open just one section of the South Tyger river. Two sections have been cleared of enough obstacles that canoes and Kayaks can float all the way from Cooley Landing on Spencer Street all the way to Tyerberry landing on Berry’s pond. My part of the project was to find the volunteers to clear the obstacles. Please use the information on the contact link to reach me if you would like to help. There is satisfaction in knowing you have helped others to float obstacle free.

The Middle Tyger River Association, the Blueways Foundation, Lisa Scott Cooley and SJWD Water District are the main reasons this venue is now open. They are the ones that provided the access to the river.

A very special thanks goes out to the Duncan first responders for making this a safer outdoor venue. They have prepared multiple access points to get to the river quickly, have run drills on  the river and put up mile marker signs. All these actions will decrease response times in case of emergency.

Mile Markers

Thanks to my technical abilities the Duncan Float will be getting a dedicated web page. For now the old web page on the Town of Duncan website can be accessed by clicking here. This web page is for the single stage. The starting artwork to shown the two stages is shown below.

Map Duncan Float