The proof there is an unsigned contract between the County government and the State government is as follows:

  • Common Sense: It is common sense the State wouldn’t allow the County to pave 158 million dollars of State roads without a contract.
  • The Presentation: Three of the individuals involved with the website attended a presentation put on by OneSpartanburg. The presentation was held at the public library in Boiling Springs at 5:30 PM on Friday, October 20th. Cole Alverson, the Spartanburg County Administrator, and Mr. Allen Smith of Onespartanburg were giving the presentation. At the end of the presentation, Cole Alverson was asked if there are any contracts between the State and the County. In front of ten to fifteen witnesses, he said that a contract was ready to be signed by both parties. He said both sides planned to sign the contract once voters approved the ballot referendum. Many of the individuals at the meeting were Boiling Springs Business Association members who can be contacted to verify this information. So far, all attempts to get a copy of the contract have failed.