speed bump sign

A major complaint in Duncan is speeders. Slowing down speeders will be an objective if re-elected. Two weapons at our disposal are speed bumps and an increase in police presence.

Duncan can’t install speed bumps on a State road. A general rule of thumb if a road has a double yellow line it is probably a State road.  If you live on any of the following roads the Town of Duncan can’t put speed bumps on either all or just parts of your road.

  • Christopher St.  (S-42-614)
  • Danzler Road  (S-42-242)
  • Duncan Reidville Rd  (S-42-62)
  • Finch Rd.  (S-42-193)
  • Gap Creek Rd  (S-42-908)
  • Greer St.  (S-42-899)
  • Howell Rd.  (S-42-222)
  • Hughes St.  (S-42-805)
  • Leonard St.  (S-42-852)
  • McAualay Rd  (S-42_63)
  • N. Moore St  (S-42-1126)
  • S. Moore St    
  • North Ave.  (S-42-616)
  • Oak St. (S-42-507)
  • Piedmont St.  (S-42-728)
  • Pineridge Rd.  (S-42_77)
  • River St.  (S-42_633)
  • Rodgers Bridge Rd.  (S-42-1078)
  • Rogers Rd.  (S-42-935)
  • School St.  (S-42-1127)
  • Smith St.  (S-42-881)
  • N. Spencer St.  (S-42-77)
  • S. Spencer St.  (S-42-62)
  • Spring St.  (S-42-616)
  • W. Pine St.  (S-42-927)
  • W. Main
  • Wheeler St.  (S-42-509)
  • Woods Chapel Rd. (S-42-221)
  • S. Main  (S-42-1081)
  • Finch Rd.  (S-42-193)
  • Robinson Rd.  (S-42-644)
speed bump