The formula used in this website came from Mr. Allen Smith of OneSpartanburg. They are the group that is really pushing for this referendum to pass. Emails were being exchanged to attempt to arrange a presentation. The text of the email is listed below. The Duncan Town Council were all copied on the emails as well as some other individuals. Alicia, Barry, Cam, Faith, James, Shirley and Greg will all vouch that Mr. Smith sent the formula.

From: Allen Smith
Fri, Oct 20, 4:39 PM (18 hours ago)
to me, Julie, Alicia, Barry, Cam, Faith, James, Shirley, Greg

Outline of Facts:
If the referendum passes, a pool of $12M will be disbursed to municipalities (assuming the penny performs at SC Department of Revenue projections), over a six-year period, through a “municipal roads maintained formula (see below).” For reference, the last six years of the road fee produced a municipal pool of $5,563,458.
Once a municipality receives its portion of the municipal pool funds, each town or city council will have discretion as to what roads are addressed.
The formula is as follows:

If the penny passes on November 7, a $12M pool will be formed and distributed to Spartanburg County municipalities based on the percentage of roads each municipality maintains. Municipalities within Spartanburg County are collectively responsible for 268 miles. The Town of Duncan is responsible for 6.4 miles which is 2.24% of the 268. 2.24% of $12M is $268,657 (over the six-year period). For reference, the Town of Duncan’s total for the last six years of the road fee revenue was $124,554.